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Neighbourhood Check & Report Service

Avalon’s Neighbourhood Report Service is an information gathering and surveillance service aimed at persons who are looking to invest in a property and would benefit from an insight into the true characteristics of the new neighbourhood.


A Neighbourhood Report will provide examples of current data on the area including crime levels, education reports and how often the property has changed hands. These statistics will be supported by information obtained by discreet interviews with locals as well as video or photographic evidence of the surrounding environment at various times of day and night.


As part of the neighbourhood check service we deploy a surveillance team to observe and record the comings and goings at different times during the course of a week. This includes observing the area both in the day, at night and at weekends in order to get an accurate reflection of the activity in the neighbourhood. We will help to identify potential issues with noise pollution, vandalism, anti social behaviour, youth activity, apparent nuisances etc.


We offer a standard neighbourhood check to cover all of the essential areas and concerns an out of area buyer may have.  The neighbourhood report and operation can also be tailored to the specific instructions of a client, perhaps based on gathering information relating to particular worries or concerns. On completion the client will be presented with a comprehensive written Neighbourhood Report complete with photo images.

Mystery Shopping Services

Customer service

Product quality

Product availability

Product pricing or quotes

Checks for age restricted products

Cleanliness of staff and premises

Telesales procedures

Does your business rely on quality of service from your staff? Do you need to ensure that your employees are maintaining service standards and presenting a positive, helpful and professional image for your company? Are your staff flaunting your working guidelines or even breaking the law?


Avalon can provide you with mystery shopping services aligned to your concerns and priorities. One or more of our operatives can attend at your premises or make contact with your organisation via one of your sales channels.


In the guise of a would be customer or client we can assess the performance of your staff and procedures, often in light of certain key parameters that you the client have laid out. The mystery shopping services can also include a specific brief to look out for fraud and dishonesty.


A detailed Mystery Shopping Report of the visit, the service delivered and the performance of your staff will be assessed against key indicators that will usually be provided in advance. Typically the Mystery Shopping Report will include sections on:

Photographic Evidence

Avalon Private Investigators are able to provide a photographic evidence service in addition to photographs that may be taken in the course of a surveillance operation.


Photographic evidence is often necessary as part of the background documentation of an insurance claim, legal case or dispute. Investigators may be required to attend scenes at short notice or at a pre-planned time and location to capture the photographic evidence. The latest digital photographic technology is employed so that a detailed set of images can be compiled as support evidence or to prove points of a claim.


The Avalon team are well versed in taking and processing photographs as evidence. The team can visit the location at short notice and act in a discreet or open manner as required. Following the completion of the onsite work, the results will be presented in a report tailored to the client requirements. Usually, this will be in a format that will be acceptable as photographs as evidence in a court.


Types of case using photographs as evidence:

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Personal Injury Claim

Road Traffic Accident

Boundary Dispute

Criminal Damage

Liability Claim


Injury scene documentation

Road layouts and viewpoint

Property damage

Incident Scenes

Property boundary demarcation

Documenting physical injury

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Types of photographs taken:

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