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Suspicion & Signs Of A Cheating Partner

Do you have suspicions that you may have a cheating partner or that your spouse is maybe having an affair? Do you simply wish to know if your suspicions are correct thereby allowing you to make choices or to have proof before you confront them?


It is often the “not knowing” that is the most unpleasant aspect of a relationship that may have been damaged. The suspicion is one thing, but without proof of a cheating partner the hard choices that sometimes have to be made can be made even more difficult.


The classic signs of a cheating partner are:

A sudden change in style of dress or standards of appearance

Acting in an evasive manner or lying about simple things

Mystery phone calls, texting and being very protective of the mobile and email

Stories of ‘Working Late’, an increase in business trips or visits to the gym

Visiting friends more and more and spending less time with you

Physical intimacy stops and there is less interest in you generally

Behaviour patterns and stories just don’t add up

Matrimonial Investigations Service

Taking steps to find proof to support your suspicions is not easy and can bring guilt and feelings of betrayal. We understand how difficult and sensitive it can be to contact a private investigator. From initial contact any discussions will be handled sensitively and in the utmost confidence. We can conduct the initial fact finding of your situation by phone, by you visiting our offices or by arranging a meeting at a place of your choosing.


Our comprehensive Matrimonial Investigations Service provides discreet covert surveillance and is always customised to the needs of each individual client. With our experience, integrity and professionalism we ensure against the risk of compromise.


Upon completion of our investigations we provide each client with a full detailed Matrimonial Investigations Report including photographic evidence and a sequential log of events. If your partner is being unfaithful you have the right to know. If they are not you need proof to remove the doubt and uncertainty. It is only by having the facts that you can address the issue or alternatively move on with your life.

Matrimonial Investigations Service | Midlands, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire & Bedfordshire

Serving: Northampton, Peterborough, Kettering, Wellingborough, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Leicester, Stamford, Huntingdon, Market Harborough & Corby 


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